Life Long Learning

Salem has always been committed to and blessed by building inter-generational relationships. It is our hope to encourage all people— young and old— to grow and deepen their faith.

Salem has a 120 year history of caring about the faith formation of children, youth and families. We strive to provide everyone a safe, open space to share their story and to become the person God is calling them to be. In an effort to help children of all ages connect their faith with their lives, church-graphicfinalwe created a new curriculum for 2016-2017 titled “Around the World with Jesus: A Journey of Faithful Diversity.”  We want every child of God to know that God’s creation includes children all over the world and even in our midst.  Every month we’ll board our fantasy airplane to learn about countries represented in our congregation or neighborhood. Each child will be issued a special passport. We’ll learn about their customs and how they live their faith. We’ll read bible verses in their native language and experience their foods and music. Members of the congregation or from the neighborhood will be invited to share their faith and introduce us to their customs and experience.  The world is a big place with room in God’s big heart for all.

The countries and cultures we’ll learn about are Germany, Poland, Sweden, Vietnam,  Native American, Japan and France.

On 1st Sundays the children will meet as a group before separating into age groups. First Sundays will include structured learning.  On 2nd Sundays we’ll make the world smaller through team building fun. 3rd Sundays will be Intergenerational and will include the adults.  4th Sundays are devoted to music, games, and movies.

Adults gather for bible studies, book discussions, prayer breakfasts and current event conversations throughout the year.


Throughout the Year:

  • Funday School begins with Breakfast at 9:15 a.m. and follows with themed instruction by age group.  “Funday School” convenes after breakfast and the children join in worship at 10:30 with their families. (Funday School is in recess for the summer. It will resume in the fall.)
  • Senior High Youth Group start dates have not been announced.
  • Confirmation kick off has also not been announced.
  • Themed Vacation Bible Camps happen in the summer.