State Fair

Salem Fair

State Fair

What makes Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church famous? Our State Fair Dining Hall!!!

One thing Salem does well and has for a long time, is our hospitality. We have some of the best cooks and bakers in Minnesota. And it’s never too early to plan some time to come volunteer. The 2017 fair dates are  August. 24- Labor Day Sept. 4

Salem Lutheran Church has been running a Dining Hall at the MN State Fair for the past 65 years. One of the true gems and must-try at the MN State Fair. Come try our famous Swedish coffee and Swedish meatballs.

For more information on volunteering at Salem’s State Fair Dining Hall please contact Laura via email at  We couldn’t do what we do without faithful volunteers from Salem and other churches, other denominations and youth groups. We encourage interested youth to contact us about working at the fair. Besides lots of fun,  you get paid admission to the fair and lots of other perks! If you have a youth group that would like to work with us, please contact Laura at the above email address.

Did You Know?

  • 50 volunteers are needed each and every day to run the dining hall
  • Over 1200 meatballs are made during the fair
  • Our breakfast services uses 480 DOZEN eggs, 180 gallons of pancake batter, 3000 sausage links and 330 lbs of bacon each year
  • The most asked question is “How do you make egg coffee?”
  • Without volunteers from numerous churches and youth groups, we couldn’t do what we do. Please join us this year.