2017 headshot

Susan Masters has been engaged in interim ministry as both a lay person and an ordained clergywoman since 1995. She loves the challenges and joys of walking with a congregation during a time of transition as they review their history, take stock of where they are right now, and imagine where God is calling them into the future. Her approach to interim ministry is "transparent collaboration" - meaning: She aims to work together as a team on all the tasks of interim, and she is fiercely committed to providing open, transparent communication about all that is happening as we move through this time of discovery and anticipation. She is naturally interested in your opinion about all things Salem, and interim ministry requires that she seek it. So please don't hesitate to stop by for a chat - truly, her door is always open (except when it's closed to keep in the cool air on hot days). Susan is also a licensed clinical social worker and a performing arts sign language interpreter, working mostly at Guthrie and Park Square theatres. (She doesn't do rock concerts at the Excel Center so much anymore because, at her age (60), the recovery period is too long.... )